To learn waterskiing or wakeboarding is easier than you think!


We offer the following courses:


Introductory lesson


3 Steps Program (from the age of 8)


For those, who have never tried both activities before, this introductory lesson is the right way to success. It contains three steps:


First step:Detailed explanation of the technique and dry practicing on the beach.
Second step: Skiing with the training bar. The instructor stands next to you and gives you the right tips for starting.
Third step: Skiing behind the boat!


Length: 15-20 min.


And do not worry, if you do not succeed immediately. We give you many tries!


Small Waterski-Wakeboard course


After a successful introduction you can continue learning.


Contains: Nice and elegant skiing, slalom inside the wake, slalom outside of the wake.
Length: 5 rounds (1 round is about 10 min.)


Big Waterski-Wakeboard course


After finishing the small course you can continue learning.


Contains: Skiing with slalom skis, introduction in the monoski technique.
Length: 10 rounds


Experienced skiers and wake boarders can practice anytime in our watersportscenter.
For them we offer 5 or 10 round cards for very reasonable prices.